Tahan Grotesk [Free Regular Weight]

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Tahan Grotesk [Free Regular Weight]

Albert Zedrick
10 ratings

Tahan Grotesk is the sans serif variant of the Tahan Superfamily. Inspired by the Filipino word "tahan" (which means "calm down"), it has the same rounded apexes and vertices as its other siblings. It is a Display workhorse typeface where it can suit a large number of design needs.

The 1.5 Update gives Tahan Grotesk additional Opentype Features, improved spacing, and updated letterforms for smaller sizes. Most of all, it introduces weights from Regular to Black!

Tahan Grotesk REGULAR is FREE for personal and commercial use!

Lighter weights will be released in 2022-2023.

Created by Albert Zedrick Dela Cruz.

Here's a quick guide in picking the right license for you.

  • Making an original piece using my fonts? - Desktop/Print

  • Want to use it for a website? - Webfont

  • Thinking of using it on a book/magazine/ that'll be sold anywhere? - Editorial/Publication (you gotta buy Desktop/Print first)

  • Want to use it for your app? - Application

  • Don't want to think about any license restrictions? - UNLIMITED!

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